Cropped Quilt, Rachel Pettway


Pale Sage / Navy

This one-of-a-kind reversible garment is part of a collection celebrating the multifaceted collaboration between British fashion brand Marfa Stance and the quiltmakers of Gee’s Bend, in partnership with London’s iconic Royal Academy of Arts.


By transforming surplus luxury fabrics - including cashmere, wool and fly-weight nylon - from Marfa Stance production in Italy, into wearable works of art, these  garments generate valuable income for the community. Each distinctive geometric design took over a week to make, and is signed with the moniker of one of the thirty-eight artisans that contributed to its creation.

Continuing the Gee's Bend ethos of artisanship, this piece has been crafted by our factory partners in Italy, bringing the spirit of collaborative craftsmanship from around the world into one original garment.  Understated on one side and with a colourful and unique geometric design on the other, this special version of our Cropped Quilt features a handmade front panel hand sewn by Gee’s Bend quilter Rachel Pettway.

• Unique quilted front panel created by Gees Bend artisan Rachel Pettway
• Fully reversible with functioning pockets on both sides
• Made from 100% water-repellent Japanese and Italian nylons
• Filled with a lightweight, lofty and durable polyester wadding for minimum weight and maximum insulation
• All seams are bound and buttonholes reinforced to increase robustness against every day wear
Garment comes with Aviator Collar
Green dry clean only

The full collaboration and new collection of artworks can be viewed online, as well as in person at the Royal Academy.  The seven reversible quilts will be on view in The Academicians’ Room in The Keeper’s House, Burlington House, and the five framed quilts and three wearable art pieces will be in the Burlington Gardens Shop.

From Friday 13th March – 14th August 2023

Royal Academy of Arts 
The Academicians’ Room
The Keeper’s House
Burlington House
Piccadilly, London