We are proud to continue our collaboration with the inspirational women artisans of the Gee's Bend this time in partnership with London's iconic Royal Academy of Art.

Using luxury, designer-provided fabrics for their designs – colourful cashmeres, wools and fly-weight nylons, all leftover from Marfa Stance production, the distinctive Gee’s Bend geometric designs were applied with traditional quilt piecing and sewing techniques, overlaid with Marfa Stance’s signature ‘onion’ topstitch.

This partnership coincides with the Royal Academy’s new exhibition Souls Grown Deep like the Rivers: Black Artists from the American South (17 March – 18 June 2023), which includes artworks by the quiltmakers of Gee’s Bend. The series of one-of-a-kind reversible quilts, framed mini quilts and wearable art pieces will be sold to generate revenue for the Gee’s Bend community and provide a blue-print for future income streams.


Marfa Stance invites you to visit our pop-up in Mayfair and to see the full Gee's Bend collaboration in person at the Royal Academy.

London Pop Up

At Marfa Stance, we’re challenging the status quo by creating pieces that are designed to be enhanced, rather than replaced. As humans, we’re hardwired to seek out novelty. It’s an entirely natural trait, but it drives many of us to consume fashion in ways that aren’t necessarily good for us – or for the environment.

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