The Long Patchwork Vest


→ Make it Modular

Long Patchwork Vest
+ Long Patchwork Quilt + Aviator Collar + Quilted Hood


Long Patchwork Vest
+ Corduroy Collar


Long Patchwork Vest
+ Aviator Collar


Long Patchwork Vest
+ Long Patchwork Quilt + Knitted Hood + Aviator Collar


The Reversible
Parachute Collection


→ Discover the reversible parachute collection

Lofty, playful, and super lightweight, the iconic reversible and adjustable Parachute styles are stand-out bestsellers.

  • The mix-and-matchability is a playground for your creativity


  • These coats can be rebuilt over and over again

    The Times

  • Her quilted coats are quickly becoming cult buys

    Financial Times


Mickalene Thomas

We are proud to introduce our latest Marfa Muse, revered visual artist Mickalene Thomas.

Born and raised in New Jersey and currently residing in Brooklyn NY, Mickalene is one of the most influential artists of today. Her innovative practices and specialised stylistic model of rhinestone-embellished figurative paintings and collages creates instantly recognizable and widely celebrated pieces within contemporary visual culture. Her masterful mixed-media paintings, photographs, films and installations command space, and dissect the intersecting complexities of black and female identity within the Western world.