The Marfa Firsts

Introducing our series of 'Marfa Firsts' in celebration of our fifth birthday. From our first customer to our first trunk show host, meet the female forces who are amongst the very first supporters of Marfa Stance. They have each been integral to our journey and continue to champion us today.

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First Customers - Agata Osti + Daniela Bernardi

Meet Agata Osti and Daniela Bernardi, our first customers who both purchased the original reversible Signature Quilt in Pale Sage/Yellow in 2019.

Agata met Georgia back in 2014 during her tenure at Rag + Bone, where they collaborated together and discovered their shared love for modular and functional design, inspired by Agata's father, Massimo Osti, founder of C.P Company and Stone Island, who has always been a significant inspiration for Georgia throughout her career. When Georgia first launched Marfa Stance Agata introduced her friend Daniela to Georgia's designs and they have both been true advocates for Marfa Stance ever since, most recently at our trunk show in Bologna, Italy.


First US trunk show host - Christine Heller

Meet Christine Heller, our first US trunk show hostGeorgia first met Christine through our friends at La Ligne, who generously invited us to join their trunk show in Aspen, co-hosted by Christine and Sarah Zilkha in early 2021.

This exciting opportunity for a young British brand was thanks to the pair and marked Christine's debut as our first US trunk show host, cementing her as an ambassador for Marfa Stance as she continues to host at Sothebys, Aspen every year. The breath-taking scenery and climate make it the perfect setting to wear Marfa Stance all-year round, as Christine effortlessly shows here.


First Marfa Muse - Deborah Brett

Meet Deborah Brett, our first Marfa Muse. Georgia first met Deborah at an event back in 2020, where the fashion editor instantly connected with the style meets function design ethos of Marfa Stance. Deborah is a wonderful supporter and advocate for female founded brands and so we were thrilled when she agreed to be our first ever muse and launch our much-loved Marfa Muse series. It's now a huge honour to support Deborah's own incredible line of ceramics and host and partner on events and pop-ups from London to LA. Long may our partnership continue!

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Meet Carolyn Asome, our first UK trunk show host.The Journalist and Entrepreneur hosted our very first trunk show at Mouki Mou on Chiltern Street back in November 2020 and has continued to work with us over the years, most notably collaborating on an early Marfa Muse project with photographer Alex Cameron. The proud owner of our archive reversible Trench Coat, she continues to effortlessly style her favourite Marfa piece for travelling, events and day-to-day in the city.


First Employees - Jessica Hanbury + Zoe Ballantine

Meet Jessica Hanbury (Operations Director) and Zoe Ballantine (Creative Content

Co-Ordinator), our first employees. The pair joined Marfa Stance at the end of 2020 in the height of the pandemic and while Georgia was still working from her own apartment.

Starting out as an initial female trio they continue to bring their passion and entrepreneurial spirit and have been integral to the brands growth under Georgia's vision. From setting up the first-ever pop-up to launching with our warehouse partner, plus everything a small and growing business brings, they're excited to see what the future holds for Marfa and continue the journey with Georgia and the growing team.


First to discover - Jeny Howorth

Meet iconic model Jeny Howorth, the first to discover Marfa Stance organically on Instagram in 2019 when Georgia first launched the brand. It meant so much in those early days that in true Jeny style she simply dropped us a message of support and encouragement and to say hi. She is our true OG muse and has continued to champion us over the last five years. We love these images of Jeny in the original reversible Signature Quilt in Sage/Yellow, taken by her daughter Georgia Howorth.

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First Journalist to feature - Kate Finnigan

Meet Kate Finnigan, the first journalist to write about Marfa Stance for the Financial Times back in 2019. Her feature ‘One coat, five ways: are multipurpose clothes the future?’ followed Kate discovering the line and meeting Georgia at her very first press day to launch Marfa Stance and introduce the brand to UK press in October 2019. We are so grateful to Kate for including Marfa Stance and providing global exposure at such an early stage in the brand journey with many customers discovering us via her FT article. We’ll never forget when a couple visited our Mayfair pop-up in 2020 with a cut out clipping of the very article Kate wrote, who went on to purchase the original Signature Quilt after discovering us a year earlier.

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First and Only US Stockist - Laura Vinroot-Poole

Meet Laura Vinroot-Poole, Founder of the renowned store Capitol in Charlotte, North Carolina, our first and only retail partner in the US. Initially buying the line back in 2022, Laura and Georgia hit it off right away and a series of trunk shows in both the Charlotte and Brentwood stores have followed annually. Listen to Laura’s interview with Georgia for her popular podcast What We Wore here.

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First factory partner - Beatrice Bianchi

Meet Beatrice Bianchi, our first factory partner in Italy. This is a very special partnership that begun in 2018 when Georgia was developing the first and original Signature Quilt design. She met Beatrice at Magia, her factory in Florence, Italy where she pitched the designs and concept for Marfa Stance. Impressed by Georgia's vision, Beatrice agreed to collaborate and produce the first collection, which was an impressive result to work with a factory that worked with such prestigious brands from the very beginning. Since then, Beatrice has been an integral part of Marfa Stance's manufacturing journey, working closely with Georgia to bring her innovative reversible and modular designs to life with the help of her talented team of Italian artisans. Watch our Made in Italy film here.

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