Imogen Kwok

We are delighted to introduce chef and food designer Imogen Kwok as our latest Marfa Muse.

Born in Sydney to a Chinese Korean family and raised in New York City, Kwok is currently based in London and works internationally. She has been featured in publications such as The Financial Times, Vogue (US, UK and France), Architectural Digest, World of Interiors, and Wallpaper*. Known for her meticulous detail, minimalist composition, and thoughtful balance of textures, she creates visually striking still lifes out of food.

We recently collaborated with Imogen for our 5th Birthday celebrations in London.The talented chef created a bespoke menu in her unique geometric and minimal style, perfectly complimenting the Marfa Stance aesthetic with a nod to brand influences such as Donald Judd and Italy into her design.

Imogen wears the Parachute Vest in Black/Stone in size XXS with the Shearling Collar in Pale Jade Long Hair. For her second look, she wears the Shearling Cropped Aviator Quilt Jacket in Black/Olive in XXS styled with the Aviator Collar in Black/Olive.


Tell us about your background and talk us through your career journey so far

Studied art history at University St Andrews in Scotland thinking I would work in the art world. Pivoted to culinary school due to desire to work with hands/tangible creativity– worked in restaurants and food styling for photography in NYC before moving to London 2019 and bringing everything together: creating unique dining experiences that change the way people see food that clearly demonstrates an understanding of the fine arts and design.

I love what I do now because it allows me to bring out all of that knowledge on top of my innate sense of space and tactile, hands-on skills into how I make food.

Tell us about the menu you have created for Marfa Stance

I lean towards sharp geometric shapes, sculptural forms and repeated patterns for my cooking and presentation. Some of the dishes included slim rectangles and squares shaped tarts filled with whipped ricotta preserved lemon and tarragon then topped with thinly sliced courgette (to create vertical lines), grapes pickled in champagne vinegar and dark chocolate decorated with a triangle of matcha powder.

My style naturally aligns with Marfa Stance so well – I emphasised this further by choosing seasonal produce that reflected the colour palette seen in their collections as well as Italian flavours to reflect where all the pieces are made. A nice touch was using Arva Spritz (peach and yuzu) as the base for a cocktail – like a nod to a classic bellini but more nighttime.

What advice do you have for fellow female entrepreneurs

Challenge yourself, be self-reflective, and trust your instinct.

How do you style your Marfa Stance pieces and what do you like the brand?

Beautiful balance of being practical and chic simultaneously. Love how different textures are brought together into each piece so you can have a contrast of quilted surface, soft leather, shearling. I’m especially obsessed with these long hair Shearling Collars because they’re soft and come in subtle shades like jade and dusty rose. Obviously as a chef I’m always using my hands and my arms need to be free so I love the Marfa Stance vest silhouettes that can be worn while I’m working and look stylish too

Photographer: Amelia Allen