Story of the Style – Parachute Group

The next collection featuring as part of our ‘Story of the Style’ series is the iconic, best-selling Parachute group. We love the Parachute Parka for its lofty and voluminous silhouette, along with its light weight and water-repellent properties.

Read all about Founder Georgia Dant’s parachute designs in her interview.

What was your inspiration?

The initial concept for our iconic parachute styles was taken from military survival parachutes, particularly their lightweight and packable quality, which perfectly complemented my intention to create a collection which could travel effortlessly. The weight, performance and lofty feel of a military parachute has been incorporated into the fit of each parachute style, resulting in a malleable yet durable product that is truly unique. To add to the endurance of this feather-light range, it is both wind and water repellent, keeping out the elements without adding any bulk or rigidity.

An additional design element that allows the wearer to completely customise their piece to their preferences are the drawcords found at the neck, sleeves, waist, and hem. Style the collection by cinching for a more fitted look or wear it uncinched and loose for an oversized silhouette. This wide and lofty shape is also perfect for layering. 

The choice to incorporate iridescent fabrics into this capsule of styles also plays into the parachute concept, emulating parachute silks, as does the internal colour-blocking which takes inspiration from the tricolours of military survival parachutes, which often utilise vibrant colours for their high visibility. Our use of multiple colours on one side, and monochrome on the reverse gives the wearer the option to be casual and colourful, or more elevated. Finished in our distinctive quilted fabric, this collection is unmistakably Marfa, and unquestionably functional.

How long does it take to make?

Made in our family-owned Italian factory situated just outside of Venice, each Parachute style takes 15 hours to make, mostly owing to the distinctive shape, multiple attachments and silk-like fabric.

How many artisans work on it and who are they?

Around 4-5 different artisans from our factories will work on one piece during different stages, as each element of the manufacturing process is distinctive and requires specialised skills and knowledge. These stages include the cords, our iconic onion quilting, the sewing together, finishings and buttons, and quality control, all managed with precision by different experts.

What are the key design elements?

The fit, volume and weight of the parachute styles are fundamental to the design of the pieces, as they contribute to the unique and iconic lofty style and shape. For the Parachute Vest it was important to include a piece that was light enough for the Summer months, and could also be layered under our jackets and coats. The Parachute Bomber is cropped to a length that is universally flattering, particularly on those wearing jeans, maxi skirts or long dresses. The Parachute Parka is our best seller and offers the wearer a dramatic enveloping of featherlight fabric in a sculptural silhouette which protects them without weighing them down.

Being lightweight and scrunchable is also what makes the pieces particularly perfect for the frequent traveller. The ability to manipulate the fit with cords also echoes our ethos of individuality and having your piece work for you, not the other way around.

A discreet design element is the way that all of the sleeves are pleated at the elbow, enabling more movement for the wearer, and offering plenty of room for a sweater to be layered underneath without it becoming restrictive. We also include deep and functional pockets on both sides of every piece.

Finally, as with most Marfa pieces, a key design feature of the Parachute collection is the reversibility, particularly amongst the Parachute Parkas and Vests, which offer a colour block side and monochromatic elevated side. All of the Parachute range offer different colours on the reverse, guaranteeing a different look and feel, whichever side you choose to wear it.

What are the modular elements?

Personalise your piece and make it modular. Following the transeasonal ethos of Marfa Stance, add a hood for extra protection against the elements, add a collar for both style and for function, or layer a reversible liner or shareable quilt inside for added warmth during the colder seasons.

Parachute Inspiration