Two visionary brands stand side by side to explore the profound duality inherent in mountain life – the symbiotic relationship between the exhilarating world of skiing and the refined art of apres-ski.

Utilising Marfa Stance’s unique design approach of reversibility and modularity, one side features their signature quilting and utilitarian colour tones, and on the other the sleek ski-ready performance of PerfectMoment. Combined with modular accessories, the collaboration fuses style and function on and off the slopes.

Made in Italy using premium down fill, highly water-resistant nylons, and soft shearling, with secure zip pockets for all your ski-day essentials.


“I met Jane organically, initially as a customer of Marfa Stance. Our conversations soon sparked the idea to create reversible outerwear, seamlessly fusing apres ski style from Marfa Stance with the high-performance skiwear of Perfect Moment.This collaboration is a celebration of our shared brand values, where style meets function, with the addition of some Marfa Stance modular magic!The result is our ‘Marfa Moment with Perfect Stance’ to effortlessly elevate your mountain look”

Georgia Dant


Marfa Stance x Perfect Moment is in partnership with model, environmental activist and Marfa Muse Arizona Muse. Our collaboration supports DIRT charity, founded by Arizona in the UK. DIRT’s mission is to help fashion become a climate solution by growing raw materials on biodynamic farms.

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