We are pleased to spotlight our latest Marfa Muse, Skye McAlpine. 

Skye is a cookery writer who found her love for food whilst growing up in Venice.  She now shares her time between Venice and London and loves nothing more than hosting friends around her dining table.  Starting with a blog, Skye is now the author of two cookbooks, writes a recipe column for the Sunday Times and most recently launched her own collection of tableware.

Skye is 5 ft 4 and wears size S in the Colourblock Quilt in pink, pale yellow and bronze, with the Shearling Collar in jade.


Tell us about your background

I grew up in Venice in Italy. My parents moved there when I was six years old: the plan was to stay for a year, but we never really left. 

What led you to working in food?

I've always loved food: I think it's impossible to grow up in Italy and not love food. But what I love most about cooking is that it's a way to bring people together and build memories together. My happiest memories all centre around lunches and dinners. 

Talk us through your journey so far?

I studied classics at university and after completing my undergraduate degree, I continued my studies to Masters and then PhD level. My particular area of interest was Latin love poetry, but all the while I was always cooking and hosting and never happier than when gathering friends round our dining table. I spent all my spare time reading cookbooks and planning menus... Somewhere along the way I started writing a blog and from there I was commissioned to write my first cookbook, A Table in Venice. Since then, I've written a second cookbook, A Table for Friends, and am working on a third. I also write a recipe column for the Sunday Times, and last year launched my own collection of tableware, SkyeMcAlpine Tavola. 

What are you most proud of?

That's such a tricky question... I guess what I'm most proud of is that I get to do what I love almost every day and call it work. I feel proud (and lucky!) that I've been able to build a career in a field that brings me so much joy, and that I've been able to carve out my own path. 

What advice do you have for others who are thinking about getting into similar roles?

Just start. Do something, anything, but start creating and getting your work out there. Don't take no for an answer; and don't expect everything to fall into place straight away but hold the faith and know that it will eventually. I often say that what makes for a successful career in a creative sphere isn't so much about talent, but about passion and perseverance. If you love what you do and just keep going, it stands to logic that with time you'll go far. 

How do you style your Marfa Stance piece?

I love my coat: I wear it with everything from dresses to cosy jumpers. It's so versatile. When it's raining or I want a more sporty look, I wear it with its hood - and when I'm feeling more elegant I love the little collar. 

Photographer: Zac Frackelton