We are pleased to spotlight our latest Marfa Muse, Marina Larroudé.

With a career spanning two decades in the global fashion industry, Marina Larroudé has an editorial background as Fashion Director at Teen Vogue and Fashion Market Director at, as well as her retail role as VP, Fashion Director at Barneys New York. An inspiring female entrepreneur, Marina launched her own brand Larroude during the global pandemic.

Marina wears size XS in the Cropped Quilt in dark olive with reverse fuchsia.



I’ve spent two decades working in the fashion industry. First as editor and Fashion Director at Condé Nast for over 12 years, later as VP Fashion Director at Barneys New York. At the end of 2020, I launched my own lifestyle brand Larroudé. 

What lead you to launch your own brand?

I’ve always dreamed of one day doing my own thing, but the timing was never right. I had amazing opportunities in my career and never felt the urge to jump and do my own thing. Until very early in the pandemic when I lost my job. Then, on complete lock down, all doors were closed, no one was hiring, there was no job opportunities, so I spent all my time in lockdown building the brand. On December 2020 we launched 

What advice do you have for fellow female entrepreneurs? 

Work hard, don’t give up, it’s a long road, use every opportunity to learn and evolve. And always be kind. 


I’m most proud of showing my kids that when both my husband and I lost our jobs (during a global pandemic), we joined forces to build a better future. They saw an idea, turning into a concept, turning into reality, turning into shoes and a full on business. I hope that we have taught them how to face adversity in life. They saw the building blocks of building a company from home and how hard we worked to make it happen. I’m very proud to have taught them this life lesson.

How do you style your Marfa Stance piece and why do you like the brand?

I love it! I adore pink, it’s one of my favorite colors, we have it in our logo and we call it “Larroudé Pink”. My jacket is so perfect in military green with pink accents. It’s so “me”. I love Marfa’s sustainability efforts and giving it back to the planet.