Kate Bryan

We are pleased to spotlight our latest Marfa Muse, art historian Kate Bryan.

Kate is an arts presenter, curator and writer. Head of Collections for Soho House globally, she has written two books ‘The Art of Love’ and ‘Bright Stars’, presents the Sky Arts series Inside Arts and is a judge on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year and Landscape Artist of the Year. In addition, Kate is an arts mentor, working with young women in the arts to see them reach their potential.

Kate wears size S in the Colourblock Quilt in pastel pink, reverse pale yellow and bronze, with the Shearling Collar in fluffy pink.


Tell us about your background

I am an art historian, I curate all the art for the Soho House Group around the world and I make television programmes about art.

Talk us through your journey so far

I studied art history at Warwick University and managed to get my first job working at the British Museum. It was an extraordinary place to start my career and I was fortunate enough to have amazing mentors and build confidence in public speaking at an early point in my career. Then I moved to Hong Kong where I completed my MpHil at HKU and also ran a commercial art gallery. It was my first foray into contemporary art and I have never looked back. I returned to London and ran the Contemporary Department of the Fine Art Society, shortly after joining I started making programmes about art for Sky and BBC. After taking a year out to live in Rome I came back and took up my role at Soho House in 2016, my dream job.

What are you most proud of?

Honestly, my marriage and my daughter. After that writing two books probably.

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to get into the art world?

You need to be constantly learning, there is always more to know and something to add. No matter how insignificant you think a role might be, even if you are aiming for an internship do days of research before you go in for an interview. People will notice, you will have a totally different presence and confidence. You also need to really love art to do this, it’s competitive and going to be badly paid in a lot of cases to begin with.

How do you style your Marfa Stance piece and why do you like the brand?

I love Marfa Stance as it has art written into its DNA. Its forward thinking, sustainable and original. I honestly haven’t worn any other coat since I got this one, and my other coats will never forgive its glorious presence.Photographer: Zac Frackelton