First Employees - Jessica Hanbury + Zoe Ballantine

Starting out as an initial female trio they continue to bring their passion and entrepreneurial spirit and have been integral to the brands growth under Georgia's vision. From setting up the first-ever pop-up to launching with our warehouse partner, plus everything a small and growing business brings, they're excited to see what the future holds for Marfa and continue the journey with Georgia and the growing team.

Jess is wearing her Parachute Vest in Sage/White in size S-M and Zoe is wearing her Patchwork Quilt in Stone in a size XS built with a Knitted Hood in Ivory. Jess’s second look is her Parachute Vest in Mocha/Peach in size M-L and Zoe is wearing her Parachute Bomber in Olive/Peach in size XXS-XS.

You were Georgia’s first employees at Marfa Stance. When did you start and how did you first learn about Marfa Stance?

Jess: I started freelancing a few days a week with Georgia in November 2020 after being introduced to Marfa Stance by the wonderful Lucia Restelli. Then only a couple of months later I joined full time, safe to say I was hooked already ;)

Zoe: I was introduced to Marfa Stance through fashion journalist Carolyn Asome and found the brand to be super exciting and different! Having met Georgia at the first trunk show back in October 2020, I later joined the brand in January 2021 as Studio Assistant, excited to work within a fashion brand for the first time!

What is your role at Marfa Stance?

Jess: Sales and Operations Director, a great blend of my computer brain and love of working with the product

Zoe: Having worked in multiple departments across the brand, I’ve now transitioned to Creative Content Coordinator which I’m excited to learn in and develop my skill sets!

What is your favourite thing about working at Marfa Stance?

Jess; Difficult to cut down to just one so I’m going to cheat and say a few….the team, the energy and the constant drive to change the mould. All equally rewarding and addictive :)

Zoe: Favourite thing… I think it’s knowing that every day brings new tasks and challenges, so no day is the same. One minute you're flying to the US to attend trunk shows, next you’re preparing for a photoshoot or helping at the London pop-up so you’re always learning something new!

What is the most valuable thing you have learnt throughout your Marfa Stance journey?

Jess: I am someone who likes to know as much as possible about anything I work on, Georgia kindly helped me rename myself “thorough” instead of “control freak” haha. I have learnt so much and challenged my problem-solving ways in such a dynamic way working at Marfa just by the collective thinking, we want to do this the right way, but is there a different right way?

Zoe: I think when you go into your first job in anything, you can easily be overwhelmed and put a lot of pressure on yourself to do the best job you can do! I’ve learnt from being at Marfa Stance to be calm and focused mainly enjoy all the unique experiences along the way!

How do you style your Marfa Stance pieces and what is your favourite combination?

Jess: I find Marfa so incredibly easy and enjoyable to wear, I wear something almost every day. I absolutely love layering the vests and tell everyone how Marfa has converted me to a vest person, I don’t know how to make an outfit without one anymore!! Favourite combo is anything with a knitted hood, I love the relaxed/luxe/cosy feel they give any outfit.

Zoe: I think anyone in the Marfa Stance Team and customers who know me, know how obsessed I am with the Knitted Hoods! I think they’re genius, especially how you can reverse it to the nylon side when it starts to rain. I style it with my Patchwork Quilt in Stone which was inspired by the Quilters of the Gee’s Bend whom I deeply admire.

How have you updated and renewed your first ever Marfa Stance pieces over time?

Jess: I started with the quilted hood as I love the contrasting colour but recently fell in love with the new shearling hoodie too, I love how different just these two different accessories can make the jacket look

Zoe: I do love wearing my Patchwork Quilt in the summer on those cooler evenings with a Quilted Collar in Fuchsia so I’ve got a pop of colour!