Bryony Rae Sheridan

We are delighted to spotlight our latest Marfa Muse, Interiors Specialist Bryony Rae Sheridan. 

Bryony is a tastemaker in the world of home and interiors, working her way up the Buying team at Liberty London to become Buying Manager.  She recently left her role there after 14 years and is starting a new chapter as Buying Director at ABASK, an exciting new platform launching soon.

Bryony is 5ft 8 and wears size L-XL in the Parachute Parka in wine, olive, burnt orange.


Tell us about your background

Having studied Product Design & Development at London College of Fashion, I was always interested in more than just the design of a product, so how the whole concept is translated to the customer, and noticed that this wasn’t as apparent in the Home & Interiors market. After interning at Liberty, I was invited back post-grad to work on the Home Buying Team. At this point, it was seen as the less exciting category (compared to fashion), however I soon recognised the plethora of talent available and how wide the scope was to showcase this. Learning my trade as I worked my way through the Buying Team, I established my reputation in the world of design as a tastemaker and talent spotter, bridging the market between fashion and interiors.

What led you to working in interiors/home?

I have always loved the idea of making your personal space as reflective and changeable as your wardrobe. For me, there are very few things more satisfying than pottering about and moving your objects around the home, creating a fresh look through a tablescape or mantlescape! 

Home has generally been a more inclusive industry to work in, which had a separate appeal. However, the ability to have more of a creative control always excited me and being enabled to instigate and develop some of Liberty’s most exciting and successful brand collaborations, discovering and nurturing new designers along the way, has been incredibly rewarding.

Talk us through your journey so far

The re-establishment of the Home & Interiors market in the past couple of years, which I have been lucky enough to be a part of by encouraging some of the most exciting launches and conversions to Interiors, has been fascinating to watch. I am passionate about new talent, but also enabling Home & Interior novices to fall in love with their homes by providing them with the products to be creative and expressive. There is a new wave of Lifestyle integration, how and why we shop, and I look forward to my new chapter in this exciting journey. 

What are you most proud of?

I feel a huge sense of pride in the small part I have played in the shift of the Home & Interiors world. When I first started working, I didn’t understand why no one else was as excited as I was when I was spending my month’s salary on a new lamp or piece of art. My contemporaries were saving up for the latest must-have skirt or handbag. Fast-forward ten years, the commodity of lifestyle has evolved, and the fashion industry is more than apparel, it’s a fully holistic approach to adding richness and design into your life through what you wear to what you hang on your wall.

What advice do you have for others who are thinking about getting into similar roles?

Your passion is everything; it’s infectious. If you really love something, stick at it and everything else will follow. I’m a firm believer in trusting your instincts and once you learn to do that, nothing will hold you back. 

How do you style your Marfa Stance piece?

I’m known for a floral dress, I guess you could argue that’s my uniform. I love the contrast of the smooth lines with a bold floral underneath and particularly love the orange contrast of the collar. For me, the versatility is important, so when I need a smart vibe for a work to dinner look, I pull in the cords for a more fitted feel. A walk at the weekend, I like it loose and casual, often with a multitude of layers underneath.

Photography: Zac Frackelton