First Customers - Agata Osti + Daniela Bernardi

Meet Agata Osti and Daniela Bernardi, our first customers who both purchased the original reversible Signature Quilt in Pale Sage/Yellow in 2019.

Agata met Georgia back in 2014 during her tenure at Rag + Bone, where they collaborated together and discovered their shared love for modular and functional design, inspired by Agata's father, Massimo Osti, founder of C.P Company and Stone Island, who has always been a significant inspiration for Georgia throughout her career. When Georgia first launched Marfa Stance Agata introduced her friend Daniela to Georgia's designs and they have both been true advocates for Marfa Stance ever since, most recently at our trunk show in Bologna, Italy.

Agata is wearing as her first piece, Signature Quilt in Pale Sage/Yellow in size XXS with the Satin Collar in White. As her second look she has styled the Parachute Parka in White/Sage Reverse Stone in size XXS-XS attached with our Aviator Collar in Blush and then reversed to the stone side and updated with a Satin Collar in Chartreuse.

Daniela is wearing our original Signature Quilt in Sage/Yellow in size M attached with Aviator Collar in Petrol. As her second look, she is styling the Cashmere Parka in Grey size M with a Knitted Hood in Olive attached.

Tell us about your background and talk us through your career journeys.

Agata: I was born in Bologna, Italy, and here is where I spent most of my life. After college I focused my studies on Contemporary Art while experimenting photography through different artistic researches and projects. In parallel I've been growing up very close to the fashion industry thanks to my father's prolific career as a menswear designer. After my degree in 2004 I moved to London for a year to work at Michael Hoppen Gallery in Chelsea. After my father passed away in 2005 I decided to move back to Bologna and together with my brother Lorenzo I began managing his huge heritage, starting from reorganizing his personal archive. Since then, I've been working as Creative Director at Massimo Osti Archive, managing both institutional projects and creative collaborations.

Agata, your father's work has been a huge source of inspiration to Georgia throughout her career as a menswear designer and now for Marfa Stance. Tell us about the Massimo Osti archive and the importance of keeping his legacy alive.

Agata: Massimo Osti Archive is the result of the prolific activity that my father conducted over three decades of intense career. Today it represents the physical evidence of his unique design philosophy based on functionality with its vast heritage of inventions, textile research and experiments that have left an indelible mark on fashion. To me, keeping this vast source of knowledge and inspirations alive is an important goal for future generations, as well as for its personal sentimental value.

What are you most proud of!

Agata: Massimo Osti Archive has literally become "my world" after I first started to work on it, becoming a continuous source of inspiration for me too. It was a natural step for me to get more and more involved as time went on, but the effort I put on this long journey was huge. I spent a lot of time wondering if the work I was carrying out would sooner or later bring the desired results. And in the end that's how it was. I am proud to have chosen to dedicate myself to the great legacy that my father left behind, despite having had to give up an exciting career in Contemporary Art Photography that had just begun….

And of course I'm very proud that young designers like Georgia who I deeply admire recognize the importance of my father's revolutionary work and the immense legacy preserved within the Massimo Osti Archive.

You were the first ever customers to buy our original Signature Quilt. How did you first learn about Marfa Stance and why do you like our brand?

Agata: I first heard of the original Quilt in 2018, when Georgia had just started to build the Marfa Stance brand. At that time, we were closely working on a common project, so I had the chance to learn about her incredible project in the very first stages. I immediately found the idea of a timeless and buildable outerwear collection the most sophisticated way of imagining a new women's brand. Then the functionality of shapes, the high-quality fabrics and the distinctive color palette made the whole project absolutely special and unique.

Daniela: I met Georgia while working with Agata on a project for a women’s outerwear collection. The first time we met we immediately liked each other, and I remember that Georgia was wearing the prototype of the original quilt. I immediately fell in love with it. I immediately asked her where she had bought it, I wanted it too!!!! She told me all about her new project and that Marfa Stance was about to be born. I made her promise that as soon as it was put into production, she would send it to me immediately! And so it was.

How do you style your Marfa Stance pieces and what is your favourite combination?

Agata: I'm obsessed with my latest Marfa Stance buy, The Quilted Parachute Parka in Natural White and Pale Sage/Stone! This piece is an absolute game changer for mid-season months as well as for travel in warmest climates. In winter I love to match it with denim or military green trousers and turtleneck jumper, adding the Knit Quilt Hood in Ivory/Pale Sage plus the Parachute Quilt Vest in White and Stone/Pale Sage which make the jacket very warm. This spring I love to wear it in reverse with the Stone side on the outside, matching it with ivory rigid denim and a plain tonal top. A pair of neutral ankle boots on rainy days or flat loafers are the perfect finishing touch!

Daniela: That jacket for me has become a bit of my Linus blanket, I always use it during the day to go to work, over jackets on Sundays and even at home!!! I live in the countryside, and I often go out in the garden and grab it on the fly... Over time I bought several things from Marfa stance and its modularity and versatility always make me have fun when I wear them.

How have you updated and renewed your first ever Marta Stance pieces over time:

Agata: My first Marfa Stance piece is the Signature Quilt Jacket in pale green/yellow which I originally paired with the shearling Aviator Collar in Natural/Orange. The following winter I added the Cropped Aviator Shearling Vest in Dark Olive/Pale Jade plus the Quilt Hood with Shearling Trim in the same color combination. Since then I keep wearing The Signature Quilt repeatedly even in the coldest moths as they are surprisingly comfortable even if layered with My latest update (which I adore) is the new Satin Collar in Chartreuse / lvory that adds a pop of bright color to the entire outfit without looking too wintery.

Daniela: With my original Signature Quilt in Yellow/Sage, I love updating it for the winter with my Aviator Collar in Petrol so when I buckle it up, I’m super cosy and warm and I just love that flash of colour! In the spring, I’ll wear it with a loose fit shirt and floaty skirt which will keep me warm during the cooler evenings!