Made in Italy

We work with exceptional artisans in small hand-selected family run factories throughout Italy. With an uncompromising and experienced approach to quality and construction along with a clear, transparent and responsible vision for raw material and supply chain sourcing, each garment is ethically and mindfully produced in limited quantities and expertly crafted to the highest quality.

Around 10 craftsmen and women in each of our 3 family run factories that we visit regularly in Florence, Modena and Venice, are involved in the production of each garment. Our team in each factory consists of pattern makers, quilters, hand sewers, machinists, hand finishers, quality controllers. Each Marfa Stance style has at least two rounds of quality checks at the end of the whole process before it is shipped to our customers.

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'I use the best quality fabrics and factories I have come across in my 20 years in the industry. I don't want to cut corners as so many brands do...I believe in paying the right price to produce the right quality. It's about social responsibility. It's also about sustainability'

Founder Georgia Dant, quoted in The Times

‘Each Marfa Stance garment is handmade from start to finish and takes up to 23 hours to craft, due to the intricate reversible construction’

‘We are committed to working only with manufacturing partners in Italy who provide a respectful, inclusive and secure work environment for their employees.’

How to Build

Start by buttoning on the back buttons from the inside, back of the quilt

Button round to the front of the quilt

If you reverse the jacket unbutton collar and reattach again from the inside