Framed Artwork 2, Cheyenne Pettway
75 x 65 cm / Grape / Caramel / Fuchsia / Kelly Green

This framed mini quilt has been handmade by Cheyenne Pettway, one of the talented artisans of Gee’s Bend – a remote community of Black women artisans in Alabama, USA. Created with luxury leftover fabrics from Marfa Stance production in Italy, combined with the artists’ own found fabrics, this one-off artwork has been hand-tacked onto an off-white mountboard encased in a natural oak frame, and placed behind a pane of museum-grade glass to reduce reflections and protect it from UV light.

Due to the nature of this philanthropic collaboration and the special edition one-of-a-kind pieces, in which proceeds go directly to fund the Quilters and Community Manager in the Bend, all purchases will be final and non-refundable.


  • Total dimensions - Width 75cm x Height 65cm

  • Each artwork is hand tacked on to an off-white mountboard and framed in a natural oak frame

  • Premium museum grade glass to reduce reflections and protect the artwork from harmful UV light


Marfa Stance is proud to announce a one-of-a-kind collaboration with the exceptional women artisans of Gee’s Bend.

From the early twentieth century to the present day, the women of Gee’s Bend – a small, remote, Black community in Alabama, USA – have been creating hand-stitched, geometric quilt works, now internationally recognised as modern masterpieces. Despite this recognition, the artisans have experienced difficulty in monetizing their work and the community has struggled financially.

Marfa Stance x The Quilters of Gee's Bend