The Knitted Hood

The Reversible Knitted Hood

Knitted from super soft Italian wool cashmere and paired with lustrous water-repellent nylon, our Reversible Knitted Hoods create two distinct wearing styles and a stunning combination of colours and textures, as well as keeping you covered when the weather changes!

Compatible with all our coveted Reversible Quilts and Reversible Shearling Coats, the hoods provide a personal touch to your signature jacket. New hood colours will be available each season, enabling you to refresh and evolve existing and future styles.

Materials and Care

  • 70% wool / 30% cashmere yarn exterior
  • 100% water-repellent quilted Japanese nylon interior
  • Recycled, lightweight polyester padding
  • Green dry clean only

Size and Fit

  • Take the corresponding size to all Reversible Quilts, Shearling Combo Quilts and Reversible Shearling Coats

Design Notes

We love giving you the keys to the design room to build, transform and personalise your favourite styles across the year or whenever you fancy an update!

Our seasonless Knitted Hood provides a cosy, casual option that can be worn throughout the year. The simple button fastenings enable you to easily attach our hoods to your signature Marfa Stance jackets so that you can evolve your coat for weather, season and to reflect your style stance.

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