Framed Quilted Artwork, Veronica Saulsberry

Dimensions 36 x 37cm

This one-of-a-kind framed quilted artwork is currently on show in London’s Royal Academy of Arts Burlington Gardens Shop as part of the Marfa Stance and the quiltmakers of Gee's Bend display across the RA.


A unique juxtaposition of colours and fabrics, this piece was handmade by Veronica Saulsberry, one of the talented artisans of Gee’s Bend – a remote community of Black women quiltmakers whose work can be seen in our Souls Grown Deep like the Riversexhibition.

Created with luxury leftover fabrics from Marfa Stance production in Italy, combined with the artists’ own found fabrics, this one-off artwork has been hand-tacked onto coloured mountboard, framed in walnut, and glazed with AR70 museum-grade glass to reduce reflections and protect it from UV light.

The full collaboration and new collection of artworks can be viewed online, as well as in person at the Royal Academy.  The seven reversible quilts will be on view in The Academicians’ Room in The Keeper’s House, Burlington House, and the five framed quilts and three wearable art pieces will be in the Burlington Gardens Shop.

From Friday 13th March – 14th August 2023

Royal Academy of Arts 
The Academicians’ Room
The Keeper’s House
Burlington House
Piccadilly, London