Lori's Marfa Stance

The Signature Reversible Quilt in Navy

Tell us about yourself/ your background

Textile designer. Jewelry designer. Author of Ode to Color. 

Native New Yorker. Curious traveler. Art coveter. Lover of elephants.

Wife to a Brit. Mom of two beautiful girls. Blessed with great friends. 

Avid reader of historical romance novels. Occasional Netflix binger.  Always tea drinker. Fell walker when not raining. Sporadic health and wellness disciple.

How do you style your Marfa Stance pieces?

With jeans and boots. And lots of layers underneath. 

Why do you like the brand/these styles?

I love the colors, the choices, the sizing, the warmth, the quality. When I wear my Marfa, I feel stylish without having to try.

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