Lizzy's Marfa Stance

The Reversible Colourblock Quilt in Pastel Pink

Take us about yourself / your background

My name is Lizzy and I'm in my late 30's, currently living in Barcelona, Spain. I call the Pacific Northwest my home (Portland, Oregon, USA), but recently relocated to Spain for a 2-year work assignment with my husband and dog, Pippa. We love exploring our new city - and are very excited to discover it all again, in a different way, once everything opens up safely. 

How do you style your Marfa Stance?

I've been wearing it daily, mostly with jeans and sneakers.  I reverse it and change the color often, and I also have a collar and a hood which I switch in and out. Due to the climate here, I've been wearing it collarless a lot more often than I used to in Portland. I recently purchased another collar too so I can mix things up further!

Why do you like the brand / this style?

I brought a very small and curated wardrobe to Spain so I'm incredibly grateful how versatile the style and brand is. Marfa Stance is already a family favorite - my quilt is the most loved item in my closet, plus my sister and Mom both have (and adore!) their quilts too. I can't wait for the moment I can see and hug my Mom and Sister, and am excited to swap colors and collars with them too in Spain!

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