Clare's Marfa Stance

The Signature Reversible Quilt & Buildable Parka

Tell us about yourself/ your background

Having lived in and around London for most of my adult life my family and I made the big decision to move to Cornwall 18 months ago.  I work in fashion/ retail, and while I’m fortunate to do a lot of my work from home or locally in Cornwall, I still enjoy a balance of being able to work in London (and other European Cities once travel opens back up again). 

I love getting on the train back up to London, having 4 hours of “desk time” to focus on the train before arriving at the office. I love stepping off the train and the feeling of “returning home”, of walking around the streets of London and always noticing something different, in the beautiful architecture, the people, the seasonal changes in the previous green spaces within London and the light reflecting from and shining through the buildings. I’ll never stop loving London. However there’s nothing I now love more than getting back on that train, returning home to my family, appreciating time with them after time away and getting back outdoors and in the sea for a swim or to help my Son learn to surf.

As I’m living both the London / City and Cornwall/ Beach/ Countryside life, I need a versatile wardrobe!  We downsized, from our London house, to a smaller cottage in the countryside, choosing to live within our means for a slower pace of life... meaning I had to seriously edit my wardrobe. Anything I buy now needs to be a real considered purchase. I don’t have space for throw away fashion. I buy clothes that are designed to last!.

Marfa Stance

How do you style your Marfa Stance piece?

Usually with a pair of jeans and a simple black / white T shirt. Today I’m wearing my quilted liner with black gym leggings, a LS black merino base layer t-shirt and my big old Blundstones. It’s still super muddy on the coastal paths!

Why do you like the brand/this style?

I’ve spent a lot of my career working in Menswear, during this time I’ve worn a lot of Menswear myself. I love the femininity of Marfa Stance yet it still appeals to my love of wearing more androgynous clothing.

I love the luxury feel of Marfa Stance fabrics. The liner is so soft (my son loves giving me cuddles when I wear it... he’s even been known to wear it when we’ve been out on a walk!)

Predominantly though I love the “seasonless fashion” ethics... along with the endless compliments I get when wearing my pieces!

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