Christine's Marfa Stance

The Signature Reversible Quilt & Buildable Shearling Liner

Tell us about yourself/ your background

My background in architecture and design has set me up well for my serial project proclivities. I have worked on museums, exhibitions, houses, stage sets, costumes and websites. Currently, I am studying to become an Ayurvedic practitioner. I have always had an interest in the body's ability to heal itself, given half a chance. The pandemic has reinforced in my mind that the key to optimal community health is that we should all attempt to assume a greater personal responsibility for our own individual health. Ayurveda is about maintaining balance in your body and mind for good health and the prevention of disease. We can all do it. We've just lost the knowledge of how. My dream is to educate as many people as possible about how the basics of Ayurveda can support their health 90% of the time. Then we would only have to rely on the NHS for 10% of the time, hopefully enabling this amazing institution to carry on forever for future generations. 

How do you style your Marfa Stance piece?

My Marfa Stance pieces are the ultimate in stylish comfort. Because of my many projects, I am always on the go, moving around, and don’t like clothes that are heavy and feel like they weigh me down. Therefore, my Marfa Stance pieces fit seamlessly into the way I style everything: layers, layers and more layers. Because they are so easy, I literally wear them everywhere. 

Marfa Stance

Why do you like this brand/style?

The architect in me LOVES that Marfa Stance pieces are designed for modular versatility. It’s a lot of fun to be able to change the look and/or functionality through different collars or hoods, or by turning it inside out or adding another layer. It’s quite clever really because the additive nature of it means you are always looking for your next piece. Right now, I have my eyes on the new Reversible Cropped Quilt! 

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