Alysa's Marfa Stance

The Signature Reversible Quilt in Navy & Reversible Trench Coat

Tell us about yourself/ your background

I am a New York City native living in Roma with my Italian husband and three boys. I am a personal shopper and visual consultant, and my dream is to get Marfa to Rome….

Why do you like the brand and your Marfa Stance pieces?

I love Marfa because it is easy, chic and go to.  I have the signature quilt and the trench and layering vest and they are literally the only pieces that I want to wear.  They are statement looks that are also timeless and classic. Pretty much my style in a nutshell. I find I can wear them over anything . Whether I have a meeting or am running to school to pick a child.  I also walk everywhere in this city and find they are so comfortable while on the move……. I am already looking towards my fuchsia piece for next year.

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