Alexis' Marfa Stance

The Reversible Shearling Combo Quilt in Jade Green

Take us through your career journey?

I grew up always wanting to work in fashion. When I came to NYC to study fashion at F.I.T. I interned at many magazines and upon graduating began my career as Fashion Assistant at Elle. After several years and being promoted to Fashion Editor Market Editor, I left to freelance, get married, travel and have two children. I was lucky enough to freelance for many different titles for almost 10 years. I returned to a full-time career six years at Marie Claire working under Nina Garcia (the then Fashion Director). Almost four years ago I returned to Elle as Accessories Director (continuing to work under Nina now as EIC). For the last two years I have been Fashion and Accessories Market Director. I love my job and cherish the relationships and friendships I have made throughout my career.

How do you style your Marfa Stance?

I love to wear it with leggings, hoody and classic Ugg boot to run around with the kids or with jeans and a pair of heels for a work lunch.

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