Next in our ‘Story of the Style’ series, we explore the inspiration, design and production of our coveted Convertible Rib Crew, now available in a new pale pink colourway for Spring.
Discover how we create our unique modular interpretation of a classic army sweater in our small family run factory just outside Modena, Italy.
Marfa Stance

What was your inspiration?

Having previously worked in menswear, I have always been inspired by utilitarian and military clothing, so I wanted to create a modern re-interpretation of a classic rib army swearer, with quilted shoulder patch detailing.

Taking inspiration from a vintage army sweater, I challenged myself to translate the Marfa Stance signature modular concept into a luxurious and multi-way wool, cashmere knit!  I’m so proud of the end result, which can be worn in up to 5 different ways, adapting to suit your style or the ever changing climate. 

How long does it take to make?

It takes around two days to produce with all the detailed steps involved to knit, assemble and finish.

How many artisans work on it and who are they?

It takes around 8 artisans to craft the Convertible Rib Crew in a small hand-selected factory near San Prospero just outside of Modena, Italy.

Marfa Stance

What are the key design elements?

The Convertible Rib Crew is knitted in a chunky rib design with a soft yet structured Italian wool cashmere yarn.  Its intricate buildable construction allows the piece to be worn in five different ways, and demonstrates impeccable Italian craftsmanship

It has a collar less neckline so that the detachable neck can easily layer inside to transform the style into a roll neck sweater, whilst the button off sleeve detail gives the ability to be worn as either a vest or sweater to wear year-round.

The padded and quilted reinforcement shoulder patches are made in a durable cotton/nylon mix to add comfort when wearing a shoulder bag, and also a durable fabric to protect wear on the delicate cashmere yarns when wearing a bag

It has a fully fashioned cut away cuff detail, designed to ergonomically fit on the wrist, the same functional reason as our Quilts, to make it more comfortable, easier to type, wear gloves etc.

A high low hem allows for easy tucking into high waisted trousers, with a longer flattering back length.   There is also a mesh stitch on the back side body for ventilation. 

Marfa Stance

What are the modular elements?

The Convertible Rib Crew is the ultimate modular sweater, perfect layered inside all Marfa Stance outwear.   It’s uniquely removable sleeves and versatile buildable collar mean this timeless design can be adapted and worn in multiple combinations and personalised to wear in your way across climates or occasions. 

The Buildable Collar can easily layer inside the neckline to transform into a roll neck sweater, as well as removed if too warm or worn separately as a snood. 

The uniquely removeable sleeves mean the sweater can be worn without as a thermal vest for layering and can also be worn half buttoned for ventilation and a more dramatic silhouette. 

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