To time with the welcome arrival of Spring, we share the ‘Story of the Style’ behind our Reversible Trench Coat. Discover how we create our unique modern interpretation of a classic in our small Italian family run factory and the hours of meticulous work that goes into the production of this transitional style.

Marfa Stance

What was your inspiration?

The Reversible Trench Coat took inspiration from combining our coveted Signature Reversible Quilt with a classic and iconic trench coat style. After working many years for Burberry, this challenge was a fun exploration of two iconic styles close to my heart. As a result, I feel like we have created a unique hybrid of two of the most versatile outerwear heroes, offering a functional and timeless signature style with a twist!

How long does it take to make?

The skilled hand work involved in crafting this piece means the production process takes approximately 10 hours.

Marfa Stance

How many artisans work on it and who are they?

I work with exceptional craftswomen in my small hand-selected family run factory in Italy. Around 6-8 different women are involved in the production process, consisting of a pattern maker, a quilter, one or two machinists, and a dedicated hand sewer for finishing, hand stitching buttons and steaming. In addition, there are two rounds of quality checks at the end of the whole process before it is shipped to our customers. 

Marfa Stance

What are the key design elements?

There are three types of fabric in this unique hybrid style: a mix of quilting and non-quilted areas in four colours which come together to create an intricately detailed version of a trench coat. The colour matchings of all fabrics as well as the styles bindings and buttons is not a standard process so is a time-consuming element.

The quilting is made on an embroidery machine as it is not a standard quilting design. While most quilting is stitched through and through, we use a doubled style which allows for pockets on both sides, and also a cosier feel. This, along with the fact the garment is fully bound, is a more expensive process, but we believe it is the best way to give the cleanest finish and reinforces the seams. This garment is made to last.

Because this is a reversible construction, it means pattern cutting is very interesting with the two very different sides and there is a lot of hand finishing. This ensures it is functional and durable with a clean luxury finish. Also, each loop and buttonhole patch is made completely by hand and very time consuming to construct neatly.

What are the modular elements?

The reversibility of the trench to the fully quilted side offers shower resistance with its water repellent fabrication. The Reversible Quilted Vests can easily button inside this style for warmth or can be worn on the outside for a fun colourblock layered look. The Vest is also versatile and works well as a standalone style. 

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