Spotlight on – Ecologi

Spotlight on – Ecologi

International Day of Forests with our partners Ecologi

Every 21st March the United Nations raises awareness of the importance of all types of forests, and so to time with International Day of Forests we spotlight the amazing work of our partners at Ecologi.

 We interview Lucy Jack, Co-Founder of Ecologi to find out more, from tackling the climate crisis with their tree planting projects to tips on how we can offset our own personal carbon footprint.

 For every Marfa Stance piece you buy, we plant a tree on your behalf 🌳

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Tell us about Ecologi and your role

Hey, I’m Lucy, one of the co-founders of Ecologi, a subscription service to help restore the planet. We set up Ecologi 2 years ago because of a frustration of not being able to do enough in the face of the climate crisis. Our approach is planting trees responsibly in the places that need them and helping people offset their carbon footprints via incredible projects such as protecting the Amazon Rainforest to repairing water bore holes in Eritrea.

As a designer, my role in Ecologi has been to create our visual identity and brand, it’s a bit of a passion project!

Our Marfa Stance forest is growing in Madagascar, can you tell us more about the project there?

Our Madagascar planting site was the first reforestation project we undertook with our tree planting partners Eden Reforestation Projects, so it has a special place in our hearts here 💚 

The sad story is that more than 90% of Madagascar's original forests have been destroyed, displacing entire animal species and taking away the ability of the local people to farm and live on the land. We are planting mangroves which provide nurseries for fish, feeding grounds for migratory birds, defense against storm surges and floodwaters and natural water filtration systems. They also store massive amounts of carbon, as much as five times more than tropical forests, so they are a wonderful natural climate solution!  

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What has been your proudest moment since co-founding Ecologi?

There have been quite a few along the way, but my proudest moment so far was when we hit our milestone of planting 1 million trees. In the early days we couldn’t imagine hitting those kinds of numbers, now one year on, we’re about to hit 10 million trees - all thanks to our wonderful subscriber community, each contribution (like yours from Marfa Stance) all adds up to incredible collective action.

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How can people get involved with Ecologi?

We want to give everyone access to contribute to the climate crisis, on our lowest subscription plan (around the cost of a coffee and pastry per month 🥐 ) you can plant 12 trees per month and offset 1 average UK carbon footprint. It’s a super simple sign up process and at the end you get an impact profile to keep track of your tree planting and climate projects.

What are your top tips for reducing your personal carbon footprint in everyday life?

My top tip would be incorporating more plant based foods into your diet (the more the better!) and planning your meals (to limit food waste). A staggering amount of emissions is tied up in our food production system. Trying to think about the food you eat and reducing what you throw away has a big impact.

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Can you tell us about any future initiatives and plans at Ecologi?

It’s all go at Ecologi HQ (remotely of course!) we’re all busy working on the next phase of our platform. Lowering your personal carbon footprint is where we all need to be headed to align with 2030 targets so on top of a brand new profile experience, we’re creating an in depth section on helping people create lower carbon ‘goals’ and share all the information to help them make the right choices for the planet.

You can watch our very own Marfa Stance forest grow here 🌳

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