Jane Shepherdson

We are thrilled to spotlight our latest Marfa Muse, fashion industry expert Jane Shepherdson CBE.

Jane was responsible for the success of Topshop in its heyday, starting her career there and impressively working her way up to Brand Director.  Jane then spent eight years repositioning Whistles and is currently leading the rental revolution as Chair of mywardrobeHQ.

Jane is 5ft 5 and wears size S in the Colourblock Quilt in black, white and gold with the Shearling Hood in white.


Marfa Stance

Tell us about your career background

I’ve been totally immersed in fashion all my life, from Topshop on to Whistles, and then into fashion rental to try to bring joy back into the industry without damaging the planet so much.

What led you to working in fashion?

I’ve loved fashion all my life, and specifically the way it could transform you so completely. I made clothes for my younger sister and forced her to dress up with me. I knew I had to do something in that world and started at Topshop straight after uni. 

Marfa Stance

Talk us through your journey so far

I worked my way up at Topshop, from being a buyer, through to Brand Director, where I was running the brand. Topshop was everything to us, we wanted it to be the only fashion that mattered in the world, and brought in the best designers and creatives, to create something special. I left there, and took over Whistles which needed a little updating. We felt there should be a place for women who wanted effortless style and tried to give that to them. MywardrobeHQ came next as I wanted to try to make Rental into a viable alternative to always buying new.

What are you most proud of?

I will always be proud of Topshop in its heyday, but I'm so proud of the MywardrobeHQ team right now, they are completely awesome.

What advice do you have for others who are thinking about getting into similar roles?

The fashion industry is changing so fast right now you have to be very adaptable, but never lose the passion that you feel for great design.

Marfa Stance

How do you style your Marfa Stance piece?

My Marfa Stance jacket is amazing, I can be sharp and business-like in tailored trousers, heavy sandals and a serious shirt, or totally laid back in cut-off jeans, trainers and a cosy hood. Or even with a dress and boots for added warmth on a chilly evening.

Photography: Zac Frackelton

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