Courtney Madison

We are pleased to introduce our latest Marfa Muse, LA-based stylist Courtney Madison.

 After making the move to LA 7 years ago, Courtney has built a diverse styling portfolio, most notably working with Beyonce as part of the Formation Tour.

Courtney gains much of her creative inspiration from her travels and aside from her styling work, she’s utilises her creative skills through home design which she showcases through her platform Courtney Madison Design.

Courtney is 5’8” and wears size M in the Reversible Trench Coat in Sand.

Marfa Stance

Take us through your journey. What launched your career?

I’m the only child of a single mom who loved to thrift and design our home. Being in such a creative environment I developed a keen interest for design, so I followed the lead and I went to school for fashion business. I ended up doing stints in retail, corporate, and TV & Film until I moved to LA to pursue celebrity styling where I have been for the last 7 years.

What is the most memorable moment in your career? 

I’ve been very fortunate to be involved in many projects that I am proud of but one of my most memorable would have to be working with Beyoncé.  I was a part of the Formation Tour and consecutive films, videos, and award shows that were created around that time. Being a part of such an incredibly creative team felt like watching magic happen. Don’t get me wrong it was the hardest I have ever worked but when projects like the Formation video dropped it was like watching everyone’s efforts align.

Marfa Stance

How has your style changed since moving to LA?

Since moving to LA my style has evolved to be a bit more relaxed but still polished. LA is a pretty easy-going place and with the weather being so lovely it’s easy to lean into.

What is your advice to someone trying to define their personal style?

Embrace what makes you feel best! So many people want to dress like everyone else and that’s just a trend not style. Style is being comfortable in what you love and rocking with it. If you love patterns wear patterns, if you love volume don’t shy away from it. Overall I would say try things out and if it makes you happy then it’s working.

Marfa Stance

How do you style your Marfa Stance?

A good trench will always remind me of beautiful fall days in New York. Although I’m based in LA and the reversible trench is lightweight enough to wear on cooler days here. My husband and I go on lots of walk these days so I often pair it with colorful sneakers and a baseball cap. It makes me feel I am on the East Coast for a moment or at least until I can fly again.

I am supposed to be attending a wedding this fall in Suffolk and if I can make it I look forward to wearing my trench with an oversize cashmere turtleneck and high waist jeans and a Chelsea boot.


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