Marfa Muse – Anne-Marie Curtis

Marfa Muse – Anne-Marie Curtis

Anne-Marie Curtis

Creator & Editor-in-Chief, Calendar Magazine

We are thrilled to spotlight our latest Marfa Muse, fashion industry veteran and leading creative force, Anne-Marie Curtis.

 Formerly Editor-in-Chief and Fashion Director at ELLE and Founder Member and Fashion Director at Wallpaper* Magazine, Anne-Marie has since launched her new sustainable glossy magazine and platform Calendar Magazine.

 Anne-Marie wears size XXS in the Reversible Colourblock Quilt in Vibrant Fuchsia near her home in North London.


Marfa Stance

Tell us about your background, what led you to working in fashion?

Fashion had always held a fascination for me from an early age. Inspired by style mags like The Face and ID, I started making my own clothes as a teenager and this led me onto a fashion design degree.  I subsequently realised I was far more interested in style and how clothes could transform who you were rather than the actual design process so decided I wanted to pursue a career as a fashion journalist/editor. 

Talk us through your journey so far?

I started out on a style mag called Sky Magazine in 1990. It was a great training ground as it was a very young team and there was a lot of creative freedom. I started more on the writing side but then kind of fell into styling when a fashion editor on the magazine was sick so I was put put in charge of a shoot and loved it. I became Fashion Editor soon afterwards then in 1996 became a founder member and Fashion Director of Wallpaper* magazine, where I stayed for 7 years. In 2004 I joined ELLE Magazine as Fashion Director and then became Editor-In-Chief in 2017. After leaving the magazine I started working on the idea of a sustainably focused title and launched The Calendar Magazine in March 2021. 

Marfa Stance

What are you most proud of?

I had so many incredible creative moments over my years as a Fashion Director and worked with so many brilliant people.  My tenure as EIC of ELLE enabled me to really use my platform to talk about issues I felt passionately about.  At ELLE I published a September fashion issue dedicated to sustainability and that really was a pivotal moment, as it really changed how I thought about fashion and sparked the beginning of the idea for Calendar. I also published an issue featuring the artist Stormzy, celebrating diversity and British black talent which was a very proud moment for me.  

Marfa Stance

What advice do you have for others who are thinking about getting into similar roles? 

The media landscape is changing dramatically currently and though there are less traditional roles in print publishing, what is interesting is the creativity and DIY spirit that’s coming back. From fanzines to start up brands doing brilliant things you don’t need a huge budget or big team to get your message out there. You just need a strong vision, voice and POV and a passion for what you do. 

How do you style your Marfa Stance piece?

I’ve worn my Marfa Stance piece for dog walking and running errands over black leggings or jeans and a sweater and have styled up with wide pants for a more dressed up look. It’s a really versatile piece that makes me happy however I wear it. 

Photographer Credit: Zac Frackelton

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