Marfa Muse – Anna Bromilow

Marfa Muse – Anna Bromilow

Anna Bromilow

Fashion Stylist

We’re delighted to spotlight our next Marfa Muse, Fashion Stylist Anna Bromilow. With an impressive career starting out under the mentorship of the iconic Isabella Blow, to becoming Fashion Director at Tatler. Anna is now a freelance stylist and balances her work with family life.

Anna wears the Reversible Shearling Combo Quilt in blush and the Reversible Trench Coat in sand on a snowy February morning on Hampstead Heath.

Marfa Stance

Tell us about your background?

I am a Fashion Stylist - which covers quite a lot of different types of work: I have Celebrity clients, also do personal styling, and work with brands for their campaigns and content. I also do the occasional editorial shoot if it’s something that really piques my interest. My freelance career began around 10 years ago when I first went on maternity leave - I had some lovely offers come my way that I couldn’t refuse. Prior to that I had been at Condenast for over a decade. Isabella Blow was my mentor at Tatler and I went onto succeed her as Fashion Director.

What led you to working in fashion?

It was always in my bones. My mother adored fashion and would regale me detailed descriptions of outfits she would wear along Carnaby Street in the 60’s- how she would save all her money for a look she was hankering after. She was pretty talented and used to make all of my clothes when I was a toddler, beautiful smocked dresses, Victorian pinafores, frilled peter pan collars. By the time I hit my teens I was obsessed and bought Vogue religiously - it was the era of the Supermodel and all beyond glam. I just knew it was the world I wanted to dive into.

Marfa Stance

Talk us through your journey so far as a stylist?

I studied History of Art at Bristol but started styling fashion shoots whilst there, just borrowing from local shops and using friends as models. They were pretty naive images but I think it was that proactive spirit that got me a full time position at Tatler having been an intern at Condenast for a while. Isabella Blow came along and went off like a firework - work was electric, terrifying and I’ve never felt more alive. She saw something in me, loved the fact I had this classical art background and took me under her wing. I would style shoots and she would direct. I’ve never learnt so much and absolutely adored how we were making images that truly felt like an art form, that had light and shade, grit and delicacy. We would dissect them together and she really pushed my eye and encouraged me to take more risks. I ended up becoming Fashion Director and travelled the world attending shows and styling shoots. An incredibly fulfilling, memorable and glam time.

Three years later I decided to have a family and whilst off with my first baby found that a flurry of freelance work came my way. I decided I needed to change the amount I travelled and that there were opportunities out there and now was the time to forge my own path. Now it’s all under my own steam and I can cherry pick projects and collaborations, whilst making sure I’m around for my three girls.

Marfa Stance

What are you most proud of?

I’m incredibly proud of having had Issy as a mentor and feel unbelievably lucky that our paths crossed- she was such an inspiration and still is. But the bonds I have with long term clients such as Elle Macpherson, also mean a huge amount. Being authentic, kind, approachable and fun is really important to me- the fashion industry can be hard edged, and I would absolutely beyond hate to be perceived as a fashionista stereotype. 

What advice do you have for others who are thinking about getting into similar roles and going alone/freelance?

As we all know it is a difficult industry to crack. You have to throw everything at it. Show up to everything, respond to everything (whether you’re attending or not), get yourself out there, be visible. Obviously, you have to have the basic talent to make it but a lot of it is being visible, approachable and available. 

Marfa Stance

How do you style your Marfa Stance piece?

I am really quite obsessed with Marfa Stance! I adore the palette and just how practical they are with their reversible nature. I have dressed up my fur coat with a boho dress and cowboy boots and also worn it with leathers or khaki pants and a chunky knit. When the jacket is collarless, I do like wearing a roll neck or ruffle neck blouse with it but will also be wearing it simply as the weather gets warmer with a simple grey low V t-shirt. 

Photography Zac Frackelton

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