Marfa Monthly Muse - Serena Hood

Marfa Monthly Muse - Serena Hood

Serena Hood

Co-Founder & CEO,

We are thrilled to spotlight fashion industry figure Serena Hood on her career from American Vogue to British Vogue and now co-launching her own unique and beautifully curated shopping platform,

Serena wears the Signature Reversible Quilt near her home in West London, layering the Buildable Shearling Liner and adding the Reversible Quilted Hood for the cold February weather.

Marfa Stance

Tell us about your background?

I’m half American and half Persian, we moved to London from New York when I was 8 years old (which at the time felt like a totally foreign land!) I went to day school in London, with every Saturday morning spent with my mum on Portobello Road, which I’d say is where my passion for all things fashion really began. I used to love wandering through the stalls, discovering both new and vintage finds. I still love visiting Portobello market today, and often stop by early on Friday mornings walking to my office close by.

What led you to where you are now?

During my college years studying at Georgetown University, I spent my summers pursuing my love for fashion by interning in New York for various fashion magazines and designers, including Elle magazine and Marc Jacobs. After I graduated and moved to NY I landed my dream job at US Vogue as a fashion assistant, kick-starting my career and paved the way to my journey ‘across the pond’ and eventual role as Executive Fashion Director of British Vogue.

Marfa Stance

Talk us through your journey so far with Collagerie?

It all started over a coffee with Lucinda Chambers (fellow ex Vogue alum and former Fashion Director). We were chatting about how we shop and thought how brilliant it would be to create a website that curated stylish finds across fashion, interiors and beauty at all price points. That “light-bulb” moment prompted us to start Collagerie.

What are you most proud of?

I’m so proud of our team, everyone is so dedicated and passionate about what we are building. It’s been exciting to see our community grow from our very first followers, and I’m even more excited about all that we have planned ahead for them! We’re just at the very beginning….

Marfa Stance

What advice do you have for other females wanting to get into the industry/into a role similar to yours?

If you have an idea that you believe in, go for it! Ask for help, listen to advice and take risks. There will of course be those days where everything goes wrong and things just seem impossible, but there is always a new day. Often, it is the greatest challenges that reap the greatest rewards.

How do you style your Marfa Stance piece?

Not only is the collection beautiful, but also incredibly practical. I love the way this jacket can transition from being a casual piece of hooded outerwear, perfect with my favourite weekend jeans and cosy knits, to a smarter everyday jacket thrown over a day dress or jumpsuit during the working week.

Main Image, 1 and 4 Photography Zac Frackelton

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