Jeny Howorth and her daughter Georgia Howorth

Model and Artist / Model

To mark Mother’s Day in the US, we interview our favourite mother daughter duo Jeny & Georgia Howorth, to celebrate their incredible modelling careers and the close mother, daughter bond they share.

A supporter from the very start of the Marfa Stance journey, Jeny wears the original Signature Reversible Quilt in Pale Sage in size L, with the Reversible Quilted Hood in Fuchsia. Whilst Georgia wears the new Reversible Cropped Quilt in Black and Anthracite also in size L for an oversized fit, paired with the Reversible Quilted Hood in Black and White.

Marfa Stance

Jeny, tell us about your career as both a model and artist

Regarding my life as a model, I’ve always felt incredibly blessed. I rather feel like I was in the right place at the right time. There’s clearly a natural predisposition to being a model but I learnt on the job so to speak. I was super fortunate to learn and work from the best in the business, both Steven Meisel and Arthur Elgort taught me so much. Arthur always said what a great clothes hanger I was – which stuck in my head - that was my job, make the clothes look good. 

I then became very aware of the outfit that was to be photographed and how to get the best out of it, often looking at myself in the mirror at the studio before going on set, which really helped, and clients appreciated this. Some photographers have very set ideas what they want, some don’t and leave it up to you. Being able to stand alone on a shoot and perform takes some doing, there’s usually a team of people watching or if on location a crowd will gather, so it helps to know what you are doing. This also gives you confidence to perform – and it is a performance.  I’m sure that’s why my career lasted so long! And I still work today occasionally. Great us oldies are more accepted these days!! Lucky me!!


Marfa Stance

Regarding my art, I have been making art all my life in different forms. I love to make and create – that for sure is in my blood. I’m never happier than when I’m arting (is that a word?). I get inspiration everywhere, my brain is constantly putting ideas together to create whether that be a collage, papier-maiche, quilting, sewing – I love to change it up, flit from one to the other it’s an unbred passion.

My first art show was last year at The Serena Morton Gallery in London, featuring my rather large colourful framed collages. I recycled the canvases, laid down the collage and made the standout colour frames. I’ve made collages since I was a young child, actively encouraged to make scrap books of holidays and places we visited. So, cutting out and sticking became a thing. There was no Instagram etc in the 60s/70s, we cut out magazines and stuck them on bedroom walls, I had posters covering my bedroom doors and walls. Hence my art today is very reminiscent of that. I have an extensive collection of magazines and cut outs which I still use today. What can I say, but, I just love it, it makes me happy to make something from nothing. The collages resonate with people of a certain age and weirdly the younger generation get it too! My daughter Georgia is a fan, what more could I ask for!!!

Georgia, did you always know you wanted to follow in your mother's modelling footsteps? What is your earliest fashion memory of your mother?

I’ve always seen and admired my mums’ photos growing up, but I was more into taking pictures before I took my turn in front of the lens.  My earliest fashion memory was being (kinda) allowed backstage at the Hermes show mum was walking in at Paris Fashion Week when I was about 7.

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What have you learnt from each other?

J: Patience, love and joy, like only a daughter can bring.

G: The list is endless but our loving and understanding relationship keeps us super tight. 

What are you each most proud of?

J: Other than my kids and grandkids, my Art Show.

G: Currently most proud of us all getting through this year... What a tough one it’s been!

What has been a career highlight for each of you?

J: Always a tricky question, there have been so many magical moments in my career that it is very hard to put it down to one. It’s really all been one giant highlight and something I appreciate every day!

G: Its hard choose but the shows I did with Comme des Garçons were some of the most spectacular, moving and memorable. 

Marfa Stance

How do you style your Marfa Stance pieces and why do you like the brand?

J: I don’t like the brand, I LOVE IT!  Clothes are all about the feel for me and my Marfa Quilt is just the most heavenly item to wear. It’s luxurious, cool, light and compatible with almost everything I wear.  I wear it with jeans and a jumper, which is my regular go to, but equally it’s fabulous (minus hood) over a long floaty dress and flip flops.  Everyone that tries it on falls in love, it’s an experience!!!

G: The great thing about my Marfa Stance is that its super lightweight and goes with everything, jeans and a tee or thrown over a dress and a pair of trainers! 

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