Marfa Monthly Muse - Agata Osti

Marfa Monthly Muse - Agata Osti

Agata Osti

Archive and Creative Director, Massimo Osti Archive

Since Georgia’s early career as a menswear designer, she has always been heavily influenced by the vast legacy of work by Italian designer Massimo Osti (founder of C.P. Company and Stone Island).  It was in fact Osti that inspired the modular and architectural approach to Marfa Stance designs.

This month, we are delighted to interview his daughter (and friend of Georgia) Agata Osti to discover more about her father’s legacy and career managing his vast archive in Bologna.

Marfa Stance

Tell us about the work you do at the Massimo Osti Archive

I started this journey in 2005, when my father passed away. I began by managing the long and complex reorganization process of the incredibly wide archive he left. More than 5000 garments from his past collections and a small but fantastic vintage military and utility cloth section, plus a huge textile archive (60,0000 swatches), including all his custom-made fabrics tests and experimentations.

The task was huge, but it gave me the unique opportunity to go very deep into my father’s working process, learning so much about fabrics and understanding what an incredible and endless source of inspiration it represents. From there, I started personally researching through all the archives, garments and fabrics which often lead to style consultancy projects and brand collaborations.

Alongside my work as Massimo Osti Archive Director, I continue to manage all our official projects and collaborations, with the consistent purpose to elevate and continue to disclose the knowledge of my father’s legacy.

Marfa Stance

In your opinion, what is the most inspiring part of your father’s legacy?

I think the spirit of his heritage lies in his unique multidisciplinary and multidirectional experimental approach that distinguished his career path. This remarkable attitude allowed him to overturn many of the established rules and to completely transform the fashion and textile industry.

Our Archive is the physical evidence of his prolific attitude, it represents an incredible creative heritage and at the same time a concrete and inspiring statement of a fashion innovator.

What are you most proud of?

My father’s strength for sure. He always demonstrated this throughout his career and firmly maintained his values, both aesthetically and ethically, with no exceptions. He never compromised his vision and never stopped believing in his ideas, even when it seemed technically impossible and totally unachievable.

For me, I am honored to have had the opportunity to learn so much from studying and delving into my father’s work after he passed. It has been a very hard therapy, emotionally speaking, but I’m proud for having fiercely protected his heritage and have always respected his legacy.

Marfa Stance

What advice do you have for fellow female entrepreneurs?

Stay true to your own vision! Even though it can be very difficult when facing a completely new project, remember that if you are offered easy solutions, these are usually disguised compromises. I believe this is the only way to be true, meaningful and authentic. Focusing on quality rather than quantity is the only way to be effective, now more than ever.

Lastly, which is your favourite Marfa Stance style?

I literally adore the Signature Reversible Quilt, especially in its first pale green/yellow version! The unique combination of warmth and lightness makes it an incredibly versatile and comfortable piece. Its slightly dropped fit looks fantastic on every shape and it’s perfect for winter layering.

Images 1, 2 and 3 © Massimo Osti Archive

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